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Singer, songwriter, producer, actress, model, content creator, Maxy Melrose is a multitalented artist whose creativity has no limits. 

Having started playing piano when she was five, Maxy spent all her childhood and teenage years in music, acting and dance performances and contests.


She finished music school majoring in piano and music theory, where she wrote her first composition and since then has been writing and producing her songs.

Having moved to Los Angeles, Maxy started making her first music videos and put together a rock band under the same name.

Later she found passion for acting and modeling until she moved to New York where she had fun doing regular jobs. But having no more of that since the beginning of the lockdown, Maxy got back her inspiration for making music, this time as a solo pop artist. 


Staying home in Manhattan, she wrote "Countdown to Happiness" and later shot a music video in her hometown theater where she used to perform as a kid.   

After that, she wrote breathtaking "My Head Is Spinning", re-produced her power ballad "Fairytale", and finished the humorous "Pilot" which you are about to hear soon.


Maxy's biggest love is her cat Maximilian.  

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